How To Help Your Garden Survive A Holiday

It’s been a long, hot summer so far, you even if you’ve given your garden a makeover with new plants and bespoke wooden fences, you’ll have no doubt had a hard time keeping it healthy during the heatwave. Even worse is if you have to leave it while you’re go on holiday, so take a look at these tips from The Irish News on keeping your garden looking its best while you’re on vacation.

To ensure your garden gets watered, find a neighbour who is willing to pop in while you’re away, if they’re also a gardener then you’ll be able to return to favour when they’re next away on holiday.

If you can’t find anyone to water your plants, then make sure you really soak all containers just before you leave. Move all pots to a shaded area of your garden and place close together to increase humidity. Slow release water granules are also a great way to make sure your plants don’t go thirsty and making sure the position of your pots isn’t too near to your house, a brick wall or fence where they could lose out on rainfall, if it does occur.

Remove hanging baskets and place them on top of soil in a border so they can benefit from the moisture – they’re quick to dry out and usually require lots of watering in the peak of summer.

Don’t worry too much about your lawn as although it can look as though it has died when not watered in the heat, it will soon grow back when autumn comes. Established shrubs and trees was also be fine not watered as these takes water from deep down in the soil.




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