Garden Disputes Among Most Common Arguments Between Neighbours

Taking care of your garden is not just a great way to show pride in your property and make it look as nice as possible, but it is also important to create a good relationship with your neighbour.

This is because recent research from GoCompare has found that having a garden in a poor condition is one of the most common reasons why homeowners fall out with the people they live next door to.

The findings showed nearly a third (28 per cent) have fallen out with their neighbour, and 16 per cent of these disputes are regarding rubbish or junk being placed in their garden. A further 13 per cent have argued about overgrown trees and hedges; 11 per cent have grievances about maintenance or repairs to hedges or fences; and nine per cent have got angry about their home or garden being damaged by a neighbouring property.

Ben Wilson, GoCompare’s home insurance spokesperson, said: “Most people get along well with their neighbours, however, not all neighbours are easy to live next to.”

He went on to suggest homeowners try to have a friendly chat with them at the first instance of a grievance “as they may be completely unaware of any upset they may be causing”.

The findings also revealed ten per cent of grievances between neighbours are regarding a boundary dispute. In this case, installing a bespoke wooden fence between the properties is a great way of resolving the issue, clearly marking who owns what.

A big reason why these problems escalate for those selling their house is because many homebuyers claim nuisance neighbours would put them off purchasing a property, with nearly half (48 per cent) saying they would avoid homes with neighbours that had rubbish in their garden.

Of course, one of the main selling points of a house is a looked-after garden. A recent report released by the insurance provider also revealed home security was essential, with 74 per cent claiming they would want secure windows and doors in their new house, City AM revealed.




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