1/3 Holidaymakers Have Come Back To Burgled Homes

Being vigilant where home security is concerned is an absolute must, whether you’re in the property or planning to go on holiday at some point in the future. Bespoke driveway gates can prove invaluable in this regard as they’ll make it far harder for people to gain access to your property, but you should still take other precautions just in case as well.

New research from M&S Bank has just revealed that 31 per cent of holidaymakers have come back from their trip away to find that their homes have been broken into – and what’s more, 15 per cent have been burgled more than once.

Of those who had been broken into, seven per cent said a window had been smashed and six per cent said access was gained by picking a door lock. However, four per cent did admit that they had accidentally left a door unlocked, while three per cent said the same about a window.

“While many of us look forward to the summer holiday period, and rightly so, unfortunately so do opportunistic thieves. That’s why it’s important to ensure that securing the home by taking certain security precautions, such as moving expensive or desirable items out of sight and away from windows, becomes a routine part of every household’s holiday preparations, just as buying holiday money or that new swimsuit is,” head of products at M&S Bank Paul Stokes said.

Take a look at the Police.UK website to find more tips to help keep your home more secure. Installing good outside lighting, a visual burglar alarm and ensuring that side gates are locked to prevent rear entry to the house are all recommended steps.




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